Some PhD projects can be executed abroad partially or even completely. Living and working abroad is often seen as added value to your CV, and it can ameliorate your scientific career chances. Doing research abroad has many advantages for you as a PhD candidate but also for science in general. For example, you can easily learn techniques that are not performed in the Netherlands and you will expand your network.

For science in general, the exchange of knowledge and techniques contributes to scientific development.

If you would like to perform your complete PhD project abroad you can contact a foreign organization directly or you can contact a Dutch bureau that contacts them for you.

If you would like to perform a part of your PhD project abroad you can also contact an organization directly, but you can also ask your supervisor if he/she can contact an organization abroad. Obviously, it’s also important to find finances for your stay and your research and to find a residence. Here you can find a page with many links concerning scientific research abroad.