Before you start
Are you considering to pursue a PhD? Are you looking for a PhD position or PhD research? There are several reasons to start a PhD program: it may be that you would like to stay at the university for a few more years and want to do research, or that you want to improve your skills in a particular field, or simply that you would like to have “Dr.” in front of your name… Whatever your motivation may be, it is certainly important to be aware of a few things:

PhD Research?
In short, this means that you do research for four years and write a thesis about this subject, which you then defend in front of a committee of high scholars. After this you will be promoted to Doctor.

You study your research field for four years and get the chance to do all kinds of courses, visit conferences, give lectures and to evolve. Your PhD is also seen by the University as a learning process and this affects your salary: generally the salary you would earn in the industry is higher. In return you will enjoy a lot more freedom as a PhD candidate.

For a career at the university, a PhD is the very first step after obtaining your Masters degree. For a career in the industry a completed PhD often gives you an advantage.

Forever in science? Probably not!
Many people think that once you start with a PhD, you will (have to) stay in academia for the rest of your career. This is not the case, only 15-20% percent of PhD candidates can stay at the university, the remaining 80-85% often finds a nice job in the industry or starts their own business.