Board members

The Board of the PNN consists of at least five and at most eight PhD candidates. They represent the interests of PhD candidates in the Netherlands for at least one year, in addition to doing their PhD research.

rolfvanwegberg_zw Rolf van Wegberg
Delft University of Technology
Vera Willems
Secretary – National PhD Day 2016
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Laura van Iersel
Utrecht Medical Center (UMC)
pasfoto-zwartwit Ralf Boland
General Board Member / Vice-President – Labour and Social Affairs
Leiden University
Charlotte Gaasterland
General Board Member – Quality of the doctorate
Academic Medical  Center (AMC)
 fotomartine-1 Martine Uittenbogaart
General Board Member – PR & Acquisition
Maastricht Medical Centre (Maastricht UMC+)
Gareth O’Neill
General Board Member – Careers
Leiden University
Danielle van Osch Danielle van Osch
General Board Member – International Affairs
Leiden University