Career support

Since the amount of available PhD positions by far exceeds the amount of available post-doc positions in the academia, not every PhD candidate will be able to continue working as a scientist after finishing his or her thesis. Unfortunately this is not known by a significant percentage of both PhD candidates and their supervisors, leading … Continue reading Career support

What’s next?

When you have (almost) finished your PhD, it is important to ask yourself: “Do I want to continue in academia or do I want to work outside of the academic world?” To avoid unpleasant surprises it is wise to answer this question during your PhD project, to enhance your chances in (one of) the two … Continue reading What’s next?

Doing a PhD

There are several ways to move through a PhD. Universities and other research institutes may offer fulltime, part-time, and dual programs. Finally, it is possible to use own funding for your doctoral research, in that case no appointment is obtained. At the bottom of this page you can read about the different forms of employment. … Continue reading Doing a PhD